This stunning courtyard pool is ideally suited for those areas where a minimum of space is available.

Suitable for small yards or indoors, this beautiful pool comes in four sizes, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m and 6.5m in length, with an overall width of 2.5m. The pool features wide formal entry steps at the shallow end, sloping to a full width spa bench at the deep end, allowing for easy access and generous seating.

All of our pools are available in a large range of beautiful 

shimmer colours, giving an exceptional colour experience to the entire interior.

Whether you and your family choose to exercise or just cool off, the Davinci will provide you with many hours of enjoyment.

Our pools are available in a number of sizes. These sizes are shown here.

davinci pool.jpg
6.5m Davinci - Light Blue Shimmer.jpg